Explosive Expose: The McDouble Conspiracy

Friends with Benefactors (2.0) – Ep. 35 – Explosive Expose: The McDouble Conspiracy

In this episode the friends are back from hiatus with an explosive expose on the McDonald’s McDouble. Will they get to the bottom of this McTrouble? They also discuss a lot of other hilarious stuff like bad web comics, politics and dementia. Don’t sleep on it!

Back in the Saddle

Friends with Benefactors 2.0 – Ep. 26 – Back in the Saddle

The friends are back in the saddle again. After a lengthy hiatus, the friends return to discuss BEING A WIZARD AND SHITTING AND PISSING ALL OVER THE PLACE, fan fiction, YTMND and its proto-memes, the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish song, the Bacon Brothers, old MTV, and so much more. This week’s Beer Reviews is Nod Hill Brewery – Tiny Yes – Pale Ale – 4.8ABV%.