Friends with Benefactors 2.0 The Remix

Friends with Benefactors 2.0 Ep. 1 – Friends with Benefactors 2.0 The Remix

Hey everyone! We’re back with a vengeance. After a bit of a host-changing fiasco, I lost the old posts on the website. We still have some of the audio files and will be uploading those as Friends with Benefactors Classic. Thanks for patiently waiting through our lengthy hiatus. It’s good to be back. In this episode the friends discuss flavored lube, HQ Trivia, DASH diets and much more. This week’s Beer Reviews is: Baxter Brewing Co. – Prost Secco – Kettle Sour – 5.4% ABV.


Intro/Outro Music is “Starkey” by Koona